Rezvani Design


The primary purpose of the platform is to help children (8-13 year) making friends, developing talents and boosting confidence.

I will explain several parts of the project to understand some problems I faced and how I solved it. 


Appec & Innerkidz


UX designer


Help children making friends, developing talents and boosting confidence


2 months


The app needs to be easy and accessible to use, with safety as high importance.

  1. How can children develop theirselves and learn to express their feelings
  2. How can we make a platform attractive and understandable for children
  3. How to connect children with each other, become friends and learn from each other


It was requested that I made sure the children could understand the app when they start using it. I created an onboarding process to figure out every aspect of the platform. With the use of text balloons, it was attractive and fun to read. Doing user tests with children helped us improve the onboarding process.


Children can lose their attention very easily. But in order to start using the app they need to fill in all their details. Some pretty boring steps for children… I divided all questions over separate screens to make it easier and reducing the chance of losing focus.

I added a fun element: when finishing all the steps they get rewarded with coins to buy funny animals.

Development & confidence

I was requested to design a questionnaire about how they feel in certain situations. 

I divided every question on separate screens, easily accessible with swiping to the left and right and the results presented in different colors.  


Because the children are such a young age, the parents need to have control of what they say and upload on the platform. These are the rules created by the government. I designed a ‘parent’ account to check what every child uploaded and say to their friends. For every content uploaded by children, I made it easy to approve or disaprove for parents.

The app is in use since May 2020. Children can subscribe and download the app in the app store.