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UX designer FloriWorld 


Develop a stronger understanding of customer experience and the customer journey 


2 months


FloriWorld is a brand new experience attraction about the floriculture sector. To get immersed in the world of flowers and plants and discover what they can bring to your daily life and health.

The experience just opened in 2020. In 2018 during the startup phase, I was commissioned by KEXCOM to make the customer journey. The aim of the project was to map out the customer journey in order to better respond to the needs of the visitors and find better solutions to weak touch points of the journey.


Develop a stronger understanding of customer experience and the customer journey. Step in the shoes of visitors to create a smoother experience. To achieve this goal I examined existing definitions and concepts of customer experiences in general. By collecting all the focus points for customer journey for Floriworld I could examine what was missing in comparison with existing customer journeys and theories. 

Finally, I identified critical areas for future research and came up with solutions for weak focus points.


Floriworld divided in five phases: 

  1. Pre-experience (e.g. planning  day to the visit, buy a ticket on the website)
  2. Reception (e.g. parking the car, counter, wardrobe, toilets) 
  3. Experience (e.g. ‘Embrace Me’, ‘Flower Auction’)
  4. Departure (e.g.  souvenir shop, wardrobe, exit, find your car)
  5. Post-experience (e.g. reviews on social media, complain through mail and telephone)

The Four Realms of an Experience from B. Joseph Pine and James H (image 1). helped to dive deeper in phase 3. I classified all the aspects of phase 3 in the four realms of an experience (image 2). I came to the conclusion that in some phases there wasn’t a good balance between the different realms. E.g. too many ‘Esthetic’ phases after each other. The solution became clear when dividing all the phases of the experience in the diagram on image 2, we changed the order of the experience to give more variety throughout the experience. 

Image 3 is the result of the customer journey I’ve created. The five different phases are divided and touchpoints, points of pain and points of delight are explained per phase. KEXCOM, the company I was hired for, used this to be sure to not overlook things and to try to anticipate on every key moment in order to optimize the experience. 

E.g. They’ve decided to hire a hostess at the entrance to make sure every customer is warmly received and sent in the right direction. After buying a ticket, the hostess could explain how to use the bracelet what comes with the ticket. 

Image 1: Gillmore & Pine the four realms of an experience
Image 2: Phases of the Floriworld experience divided in the four realms. 
Image 3: customer journey
“Esmee is een heel prettig persoon om mee samen te werken. We hadden voor haar een opdracht geformuleerd, en ze begreep deze vrijwel meteen. Ze werkt zeer zelfstandig en komt met gerichte vragen als ze ergens niet uitkomt of iets scherper wil formuleren. Esmee is in staat om tijdens de duur van een opdracht het klantperspectief niet uit het oog te verliezen, wat erg belangrijk is voor een User Experience Designer. Kortom; de samenwerking met Esmee hebben we als zeer prettig en ervaren en we zullen Esmee zeker vaker inschakelen voor deskundig advies over User Experience – en Customer Journey Design.”
Bert Kranendonk
Experience Director, KEXCOM