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Hi! I’m Esmee Rezvani. UI/UX designer based in Amsterdam. I’m specialized in website and app design, user experience, motion design and branding. I’m always happy to discuss new projects! ツ


Rezvani Design



How can I help?

Strong website

A good first impression is the key for getting new customers. I can build your website, webshop, blog or anything according to your specific needs. I work with user friendly templates which will save you time and costs.

Unique visual

Your website is the face of your organization.
I can help designing unique websites or apps for IOS and Android, with the main focus on usability and user experience.

Meaningful user experience and branding

A smooth customer journey can really help to improve conversion and engagement.
I can help you understand your audience, redesign your website or streamline your information structure.

About me

As a UI/UX designer with a background in the hospitality industry, I have a unique perspective on user experience. Through branding, website and app design, I know how to make users feel comfortable on your platform.


What people say

Daily UI challenge

2 March 2021
To improve, practice and play with my skills, I will try to design a simple interface everyday for one month.